Geotechnical and Geoenvironmental Data Management Consulting

We are geotechnical professionals. However, we are also data management specialists.

Instead of performing field explorations and generating reports we help fellow geoprofessionals like you manage geotechnical data so the end results are more consistent, of higher quality, are created in less time and with less effort by you. We help you manage your data as the valuable asset it is for a knowledge based firm such as yours. This is accomplished through working with clients and revising or developing their current database so it works for them.

Minimize manual data entry, optimize return.

Manual entry of data is not only time consuming, but error prone. Every time you manually enter your data you are compromising its integrity – introducing the possibility of errors that were not in the original data.

Often field and laboratory data is entered and re-entered several times for different types of analyses and reporting.

For example, data is written in the field and then re-typed into software to generate a borehole log. A subset of this data may then be input into CAD for generating cross sections. Next, laboratory data may be input into Excel for the various laboratory tests. Then a summary table of all the lab tests may be re-typed. Lastly some of the data may be input into the software that generates a borehole log. Furthermore, if a project with special reporting requirements comes along, it is common to type the data in again to fulfill those requirements.

Once knee deep in the problem (typing in data manually for the third, fourth or fifth time), you may think “There has to be an easier way”, but are short on time and under pressure to deliver, so you plod on with what you know works.

Typical geotechnical data flow when geotechnical data is manually entered: data is entered several times for various analysis and reporting purposes and QA/QC’ed at each stage. This increases time spent entering data instead of analyzing it, and adds to the potential for error.