Coordinate Conversion

Dataforensics Coordinate Conversion Tool – Simplified Coordinate Conversion in gINT

Dataforensics Coordinate Conversion tool allows users to quickly convert between Latitude/Longitude and Projected Coordinate systems (State Plane/UTM) within gINT. You can plot your data in the appropriate x-y location (state plane/UTM) even when you located the holes via a GPS.

Alternatively, convert the projected coordinates into a global geographic coordinate system (Latitude/Longitude), such that you can see all of your holes no matter the original coordinate system on the same map in a GIS or Google Earth. The conversion utility makes it easy to manage the conversion process without the need of 3rd party software.

Convert from Latitude/Longitude to Projected Coordinates

Specify the desired projected coordinate system that you want your projected coordinates and input values for Latitude and Longitude. Dataforensics Coordinate Conversion tool will calculate the North and East Coordinates.

Convert from Projected Coordinates to Latitude/Longitude

Alternatively, define the projected coordinate system that your points are already located in and Dataforensics Coordinate Conversion tool will calculate the Latitude and Longitude.