Dataforensics and Keynetix Announce Major Partnership

Dataforensics and Keynetix announce a partnership that teams the strengths of each company to revolutionize geotechnical data collection and data management within the United States and Canada. Dataforensics is developing a specialized configuration of HoleBASE SI for the North American market, which when combined with pLog Tablet, provides greater alternatives for managing geotechnical data for users of pLog Tablet, which already integrates with gINT and LogPlot.

The new partnership aims to offer engineers and consultants a higher level of confidence in the software and tools they use in their site investigation data collection, analysis, reporting and visualization processes as well as greater integration capabilities, which is achieved via the following:

  • Direct integration of pLog Tablet with HoleBASE SI enables single source data entry for borehole/test pit related data.
  • Direct integration with laboratory information management software (LIMS) facilitates single source data entry in the laboratory.
  • Customized configuration for the North American market based upon data management best practices
  • Superior integration with AutoCAD Civil 3D enables generating dynamic geotechnical profiles and sections as well as geotechnical models for BIM.
  • Superior integration with Microsoft Excel enables engineers to quickly produce summary plots and use for analysis/design tasks.
  • Better analysis and visualization capabilities improves understanding of your site conditions.
  • Out of the box full GIS integration including Microsoft Bing Mapping enables easy access to any historical data.
  • Highly responsive and competent service and support for the US market.
  • Simple and transparent global concurrent use licensing model with no surprise over usage.

The new partnership draws on the distinct strengths of each company: Dataforensics expertise in geotechnical and geoenvironmental mobile data collection, database design and reporting for the North American market in conjunction with Keynetix passion and knowledge of geotechnical data management, reporting and data interchange. The combination expands geotechnical data management software options for the North American market and gives businesses and their employees greater choice in gathering, managing, reporting and visualizing their data.

“There have been few innovations in the core software for managing geotechnical data in the last several years. Dataforensics is excited about the partnership with Keynetix which teams two visionary geotechnical software vendors whose goal is to further streamline and enhance how users can transform their data into knowledge” said Scott Deaton, President of Dataforensics.

Since we redeveloped HoleBASE SI and KeyLAB to take advantage of new enterprise level technology we have seen significant increase in sales and customer satisfaction.  We strive to help our customers to maximize their investment in our software and delivering high quality advisory and support services is vital.  With their extensive knowledge in this area, Dataforensics is ideally placed to deliver these services in North America and we are very excited to be announcing this partnership today.” said Roger Chandler, Managing Director of Keynetix.

For further information contact:

Dataforensics Sales
Phone: 678.406.0106 x2