Dataforensics Announces Major Update to pLog Tablet

Dataforensics, developer of geotechnical and geoenvironmental data management solutions, announces that a major update for pLog Tablet is now available for immediate download from the Google Play store.
This latest update of pLog Tablet enhances usability by adding the following features:

  • Significant speed enhancements – Users experience a significant increase in the responsiveness of the application whether navigating between forms or simply selecting from a list. The decrease in the application’s response time helps users collect data faster.
  • Automatically assign consistency/relative density – The Soil Stratigraphy module now automatically determines the consistency/relative density value based on N-values from SPT Samples. Upon entering depth and bottom depth for a soil layer, pLog Tablet will identify the min and max N-values from SPT Samples in that depth interval.
  • Soil Stratigraphy post-fill bottom depth – Often times during logging users don’t know the bottom extent of a layer. When users create a new layer and the previous layer doesn’t have a bottom depth specified, pLog prompts users to update the previous layer bottom depth with the current depth value. This saves a step and speeds up the data collection process.
  • Copying Boreholes – If geology is consistent, users can copy the entire borehole and make the relevant changes. This is particularly useful when logging boreholes in the laboratory after reviewing a drillers log and samples.
  • Copying Sampling Intervals – users utilizing consistent sampling intervals in their investigations can copy the sample ID and depth from one hole to another to speed up the data entry.
  • New user interface control – the Radio Dropdown control allows users to choose from a set of radio buttons which determine which list values are shown.
  • pLog Tablet is now optimized for 7” tablets – Users now have the option to run pLog Tablet on 7” or 10” tablets with no decrease in the user experience. For 7” tablets, the navigation menu slides in/out to the left to maximize screen real estate.

More than 30 other minor enhancements or bug fixes
“This update to pLog Tablet is a major milestone in the effort to move the geotechnical and geoenvironmental field personnel towards digital technology. We appreciate all the positive feedback and suggestions to enhance usability from our users that help us continue to improve the pLog Tablet application.” said Scott Deaton, President of Dataforensics.
pLog Tablet for Android is now available from the Google Play Store:

pLog Tablet for Windows is available directly from Dataforensics.