Dataforensics Data Migration Tool

Interested in converting all your historic gINT data into a more sustainable format so you have all of your site investigation data (boreholes, insitu testing, (CPT/DMT/etc), and lab testing data in one place and in one database structure? Dataforensics Data Migration Tool provides a comprehensive, systematic approach to compiling all of your historical data into OpenGround.  Steps in this process can include:

  1. Calculating many key parameters that gINT only shows on reports
  2. Bulk cleaning of gINT data
  3. Bulk generating PDF logs from gINT so they can be loaded along with the original gINT project and most importantly the data into OpenGround.
  4. Bulk converting gINT projects into an OpenGround compatible format.
  5. Creating projects in OpenGround and migrating the gINT data
  6. Uploading PDF logs generated in step 3 and gINT projects into OpenGround.