DIGGS Conversion Tool

Dataforensics Introduces the DIGGS Conversion Tool:

Data Interchange for Geotechnical and GeoEnvironmental Specialists (DIGGS) is a data interchange that helps organizations get a step closer to the Golden Rule of Data Entry of: “Only Input Your Data Once”.

DIGGS provides a flexible, expandable data interchange format that is software vendor independent. Whether you want to use gINT, HoleBASE or some other geotechnical data management software, as long as you provide the DIGGS deliverable file, other organizations should be able to automatically import the DIGGS file format into their data management software (assuming they are managing DATA) and have a DIGGS import mapping.

The system you are using determines what you need to do to import/export DIGGS data.  For users of HoleBASE SI, DIGGS data can be imported and exported with minimal additional effort since it is based upon data management best practices and data interchange standards.  For users of gINT, a mapping to export data to DIGGS and a mapping to import data from DIGGS must be created. Dataforensics data management specialists can help setup these mappings.

To find out more about import mappings from DIGGS or how to export data to DIGGS, contact sales@dataforensics.net