Dilatometer Analysis Software (DMT)

DMT Tool– A gINT Add-in that streamlines the entire DMT data management process from importing raw data through developing final reports

Dataforensics DMT Tool streamlines the data management process for projects that utilize DMT data. Converting the raw field data to something useful (engineering correlations) that can be analyzed and reported and combined with other types of data (CPT, In-situ Vane, Borehole Data) is a tedious process.

Dataforensics DMT tool, a gINT Add-in, eliminates all manual data manipulation, providing a more complete and accurate interpretation of results, faster and easier than ever before.

Import, analyze and interpret your Dilatometer (DMT) Test data easily and quickly

DMT data import

Dataforensics’ DMT Tool makes importing data as easy as a few clicks of a mouse…without any transposition errors. Import data directly from PLog or from an Excel spreadsheet facilitating digital data entry in the field which helps eliminate transcription or typographical mistakes.

DMT analysis & reporting

Once the DMT data is imported into gINT, you can start your analysis and reporting. The following parameters are automatically calculated upon importing the data:

  • P0
  • P1
  • P2
  • Material Index (Id)
  • Kd
  • Ed
  • Overconsolidation Ratio (OCR)
  • Effective Friction Angle (f’)
  • Constrained Modulus (M)
  • Coefficient of Lateral Earth Pressure (K0)
  • Undrained Shear Strength (Su)
  • Relative Density (Dr)
  • SBT

In many cases the Dataforensics DMT Tool calculates multiple correlations for the same parameter.  For example, there are two OCR correlations and three drained friction angle correlations.

Analyzing and Interpreting your DMT data dynamically

Dataforensics DMT Tool encapsulates most typical DMT analyses. Dataforensics DMT Tool for gINT has over 21 calculations and correlations typically used by professionals evaluating DMT data. If the tool does not include a correlation you use, we can add it to your customized version of the tool or you can write a gINT Rule to do this yourself.

Dynamic calculations

Dataforensics DMT Tool is flexible.  The user can specify various parameters which affect the analysis including:

  • The Min and Max Drained Threshold Zones i.e. the soil behavior type zones where the material exhibits drained behavior
  • Water depth
  • Total density for the entire soil profile or for specific depth ranges or even use the total density estimated by the software
  • Output Units (MPa, kPa, Bars, ksf, psf, psi, tsf)

Streamlined analysis and interpretation

Any change you make updates all calculations immediately. Thus all changes are reflected immediately on all reports you generate. You no longer have to recalculate values in Excel or whatever program you are using, and then import the data into gINT again to include it on borehole logs, CPT reports, etc.  Dataforensics’ DMT Tool allows you to perform the entire analysis, interpretation and reporting process within one software package.  If you change one value in gINT, all values are updated, and all graphs immediately reflect the changes.

Dynamic reports

Dataforensics DMT Tool includes two different types of reports, the standard report and the dynamic report. For all reports, the software determines relevant scales for the x and y axes of each plot. However, the user can specify values to override the x and y axes scales. The standard report always shows P0, P1, P2, Ed, M, Kd, Phi’, Su, Id. The dynamic report allows the user to choose which parameters to include on a report and the order in which they appear.

Shorten your analysis time while enhancing your analysis

Consider if you log your data in the field digitally, there is no further data entry necessary. Also, consider how long it takes you, an engineer, to develop a DMT log and report. A client estimated it saved them approximately 0.5 hour per DMT sounding to import and analyze the data.

Shorten your QA/QC time – and improve your data quality

In addition, your QA/QC time is drastically reduced since a standard data structure with standardized formulas is used for analysis instead of customized Excel spreadsheets, customized for each DMT sounding you have. With Dataforensics’ DMT Tool Add-in for gINT you cannot make a calculation error – it is all automated. Your data quality and consistency are greatly improved.