ESdat Online and Server for Environmental Data Management

Your Data.
Imported, Analyzed,
Reported. Faster.

ESdat is intuitive and user-friendly software that helps scientists and engineers manage environmental and earth-science data from laboratories, field programs, data loggers, sensors, historical sources, and regulatory standards. All in one place.

Designed for Scientists and Engineers.

Trusted by scientists, engineers, and managers who need to understand groundwater, surface water, soil, air, geo-environmental and related data.

Laboratory Integrations

Laboratories around the world are assessed and approved to upload their reports to ESdat where the data is validated, loaded and ready for analysis and reporting.
Field portal tablet display
Field Programs Phone

Field Programs

With robust field program management, you can easily plan, execute and report all stages of large or recurring field programs.

Logger Data

Review your logger data in real-time and visualize trends. Receive alerts and flag problematic data if needed.
Groundwater log

Bore Logging

Borehole, geology, and groundwater data can be entered in the field or on the desktop for the automated generation of bore logs.

Analyses and Reports

With ESdat you can more efficiently analyze, report, and share data while ensuring the highest level of quality control.

ESdat exceedance tables

Exceedance Tables

Chemistry summary tables show analytical results compared against environmental standards.

Graphs and Trends

Easily visualize data trends using graphs. Easily compare correlations and include exceedance values.

ESdat trend analysis graph
ESdat Mapping


Display data points and labels over inbuilt satellite imagery or add your own basemaps.

Regulatory Environmental Standards

US, Canadian, Australian, NZ, UK, and other regulatory guidelines are pre-loaded, plus add your own.

Exceedance Notifications

Be notifiied of exceedances as soon as results are loaded.  Be reminded of upcoming or overdue monitoring.

Quality Assurance

Track holding times, RPD values, Detects in Blanks, Ionic Balance, and other quality indicators.


Report mins, maxs, standard deviations, 95th Percentiles, and other statistics or export to ProUCL for further statistical analysis.

Power BI, ArcGIS, Excel, Web API

Data feeds to Power BI, Excel, ArcGIS, Web APIs, and more allow you to view your data where you want.

Why Choose ESdat?

Easy Implementation

Online and pre-configured for common use cases to use out of the box. No need for an expensive implementation.

Easy to use

An intuitive user interface and online learning resources allow easy adoption.


Your data is organized and easily available.


All data is fully audited from the moment it is imported.

Ensure Compliance

Automated exceedance detection and notification means you will never miss an exceedance or alert again.

Save Time and Costs

Assessible and reliable data which can be analysed and reported easily saves time and costs.

ESdat: Used Worldwide

Preconfigured ESdat implementations are available to meet the environmental regulations for states and provinces throughout the USA, Australia, Canada, the UK and New Zealand.   ESdat can be configured to meet your requirements in other regions.

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