Get More Value From Your Geotechnical Data

Dataforensics offers a suite of software and services helping organizations overcome challenges and frustrations in geotechnical and geoenvironmental data collection, management and analysis.

How We Work

Every client has different issues and priorities, in order for us to help you make the decision to address the challenges in your data collection and data management processes, it is customary for us to work with you in the following manner:

1 – Conference Calls/Meetings: Every company faces their own headaches and challenges within their data management process, some organizations are more lab focused, and others are more design/visualization/CAD focused, some are struggling with data collection and data management in general. To get a full understanding of your processes and where there are frustrations and inefficiencies, we setup initial discussions to fully understand your situation and determine if our solutions have the potential to be a good fit for both parties.

2 – Stakeholders: We work with you and anyone else in your organization who may need to be involved in order to help you in considering the potential for improvement and the associated return on investment. It is important to include the relevant decision makers within management because many times they are removed from your process and don’t understand the challenges your organization deals with just to get work out the door. Without support from management, highly technical deployments have a higher failure rate.

3 – ROI Analysis: Engineering consulting is a competitive industry. We work with our clients to ensure there is a positive Return on Investment and work to analyze current process costs, and additional metrics for ROI beyond simply project profits and bottom line.

3 – Tailored Software Deployment: Dataforensics products are configurable to fit different organizations’ needs, there is no “one size fits all” scenario because all companies collect and manage data differently. We work with each and every client to make sure they are investing in the appropriate licenses/product, number of licenses, and training.

(NOTE: As such, we are unable to provide free trials. We work with you to ensure a successful deployment and metrics to ensure you are satisfied.)

4 – On Going Support: As the industry evolves, so do data management needs. Dataforensics is constantly improving our products and increasing functionality and features. As a Dataforensics client with active annual support, you receive regular updates/upgrades to your software in addition to responsive support.