gINT Tools


RAPID CPT – CPT Analysis and Reporting

RAPID CPT is a gINT add-in that makes analyzing your CPT geotechnical data simple. RAPID CPT encapsulates the entire CPT analysis procedure into a single location – a gINT project. RAPID CPT allows you to import raw text files from nearly any CPT manufacturer, whether in English or metric units.

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Coordinate Conversion Tool

Dataforensics Coordinate Conversion tool allows users to automatically convert between Latitude/Longitude and Projected Coordinate systems (State Plane/UTM) inside of gINT. Alternatively, you can convert projected coordinates into a global geographic coordinate system (Latitude/Longitude), so that you can see all of your holes on the same map in a GIS or Google Earth no matter what the original coordinate system is. The conversion utility makes it easy to manage the conversion process inside of gINT without 3rd party software.

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gINT Security Tool

The Dataforensics gINT Security Tool provides control over adding, editing and deleting data in gINT. The administrator can define a customized gINT user interface based on the needs for various roles and/or based on project types by hiding application groups, applications, table groups, tables, fields and even making fields read only. Additionally, it facilitates the approval process by enabling data to be set as read only preventing changes once it has been reviewed and approved.

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DMT Tool

Dataforensics DMT Tool streamlines the analysis process for projects that use DMT data. Converting the field data to something useful (engineering correlations) that can be analyzed, reported and combined with other types of data (CPT, In-situ Vane, Borehole Data) is typically a manual tedious process.

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