Using OpenGround Cloud (formerly HoleBASE) & your Government Clients

Many organizations work for various government agencies (DOTs, DNR, USACE, etc.) who require you to submit data in their proprietary non-standardardized gINT format.  These government agencies often require a deliverable of a gINT project file (.gpj) as part of their contract.  Accordingly, for users of HoleBASE and/or OpenGround this causes a problem because the agency is requiring you to change your business process to fit their needs.

(This is one of the many reasons why Dataforensics is a big proponent of the DIGGS format – Data Interchange for Geotechnical and Geoenvironmental Specialists).

Using Dataforensics OpenGround Cloud Connect, it is possible to use your standardized workflow that involves pLog Tablet and/or OpenGround Cloud (formerly HoleBASE) and/or KeyLAB, yet still provide the deliverable to the DOT in their requested format to meet your contractual requirements.  This is possible because most of these government agencies are not managing actual DATA.  Having a more robust and correct data management process allows you to manage your data while also provide the information requested in the agencies format.

The following are a list of current government agencies that Dataforensics has configured exports to gINT or other software from OpenGround and/or imports from gINT to OpenGround.  The import from gINT to OpenGround is particularly useful for migrating historical data in their format into OpenGround so you can potentially use it.

For more information contact to learn more about how to work with these agencies and OpenGround Cloud.

For more information on DIGGS or to find out more about the interchange, see our video playlist here: DIGGS YouTube Playlist