KeyLAB is the leading laboratory management system built specifically for geotechnical and construction laboratories. It will improve your laboratory’s efficiency at every stage of the geotechnical and construction testing process from sample and storeroom management, through to electronic scheduling, testing and reporting.

Its clever integration with Microsoft Excel® allows you to easily customize worksheets and reports whilst staying in complete control of your laboratory data. This unique feature allows you to quickly implement the system and reduce the learning curve for all staff to the point where most laboratories report a full Return on Investment (ROI) period of less than 6 months.

Test definitions and example workbooks can be downloaded from the Keynetix Knowledgebase allowing you to quickly get started for a new laboratory or adapt the workbooks you are already using. We don’t charge to download new tests so you can expand the system to accommodate all your construction and geotechnical testing needs without incurring additional fees.

Everything is Customizable

Although no data is stored in Microsoft Excel®, KeyLAB uses Excel for report design and production. This means that anything you can do in Excel you can do in KeyLAB without learning any new software or techniques. If you already have reports in Excel format then these can be incorporated quickly using the KeyLAB Designer Excel Add-in so you can retain your existing corporate look and feel.

Summary and Certificates

KeyLAB’s unique reporting system allows you to create as many report formats as you need for each test. Reports can be in the format of a test certificate detailing everything about a single sample test on one or more sheets or could be a summary report which enables you to report all the results for a test on a single row within a report.

There are no limits to the number of samples that can appear on a summary report. KeyLAB will even take care of your report numbers, page numbers and figure numbers for you.

Management Reporting

As KeyLAB stores all your test data in one place providing production reports for your management team is quick and easy. Reports such as the number of triaxial tests conducted last month or the number that are already scheduled for this month can be produced at the press of a button.

KeyLAB will also allow you to produce schedule reports for clients to report progress for them and export test data for inclusion into your accounting system.

Printing and PDF

Once the testing has been completed then the most important part of the process can start; producing the main report for the customer. Needless to say KeyLAB has many features that can help you with this process whether you are printing the report to paper or PDF.

It will also take care of report numbers, figure numbers and page numbers for you.

The big advantage of using KeyLAB’s reporting methods over the traditional Excel spreadsheet route is that any changes need only be made once and will be immediately available to all reports. Imagine needing to change the project title on all your output sheets – with Excel you would need to open every sheet and change this data; with KeyLAB you can simply change the project title and reprint the entire report.