Parsons Deploys pLog Tablet to Streamline Soil Logging Process

In 2020 Parsons engaged Dataforensics to assist with streamlining field data collection and reporting, below is a testimonial received as a result of their pLog Tablet deployment:

Parsons transitioned from traditional handwritten boring logs to Dataforensics’ field tablet-based logging software, pLog, in the middle of a major drilling program. pLog allowed us to streamline our soil logging data entry process with consistent and comprehensive soil descriptions through the use of pull-down menus. Additionally, the speech-to-text feature allowed us to easily record and capture ancillary information, observations, and field notes. Beyond the soil logging capabilities, the pLog Configuration Tool software enabled us to further configure the data input/output on the fly to meet our evolving project needs.

pLog enabled us to transfer field data on a daily basis, which was then easily imported and integrated into our engineering software (gINT), resulting in a largely automated boring log and cross section generation process. The implementation of pLog on this project significantly reduced time spent on offsite data entry and boring log review, and allowed for timely and cost-effective production of high-quality field logs for our client.

The Dataforensics team was consistently responsive and knowledgeable. Their speed and dexterity enabled us to successfully develop and roll-out pLog in the middle of an active project, and their continued support allowed us to incorporate “quality of life” field crew feedback as well as changing project requirements.