Convert Your Data into Knowledge

Get more value from your geotechnical and geoenvironmental projects with pLog Enterprise.

pLog Enterprise allows you to harness your gINT project database to take it to the next level. pLog Enterprise is a single repository for all of your gINT geotechnical project data. By archiving all of your geotechnical and geoenvironmental projects into the pLog Enterprise , it becomes more than just data; it is information and a resource for your organization that will continue to grow in value over time.

Make search and retrieval simple with pLog Enterprise

With your data in pLog Enterprise all of your project data is a readily accessible asset to your organization. You can use and reuse your data to benefit your organization and your clients. With pLog Enterprise you can:

  • Search all of your data at one time for any data such as specific projects, groups of projects, boreholes, lab results, or soil types with the pLog Enterprise Query Builder
  • Spatially search all of your data at one time to identify all historical boreholes within a specified distance to your location of interest, whether it is a point, project site, baseline or other feature via the GIS interface
  • Use the pLog Enterprise GIS Tool to select specific points (boreholes or soundings)
  • Create any gINT report you are currently using with the pLog Enterprise GIS Tool. gINT reports include all borehole logs, fence diagrams, tables, graphs, etc.
  • Easily and quickly retrieve and reuse your current and historical project data to develop cost-effective geotechnical and geoenvironmental proposals, investigations, recommendations and designs.

Turn your data in to Information. Apply your Information to create Knowledge.

Whether a small organization with little historical data or a large organization with warehouses of data spread among several branches, your data is a valuable resource. pLog Enterprise allows you to convert your data to information. This information is an asset to your organization. Each time you access the information in pLog Enterprise you are saving time and money on each project, proposal, RFQ or interview with a potential client. pLog Enterprise empowers you to harness your Data. On Purpose.