pLog Tablet, LSpecs & ESdat

Your total environmental data management system

Dataforensics has teamed with EarthScience Information Systems (EScIS) to create a comprehensive environmental data management system. This data management system helps you perform and complete common tasks in less time with less effort.

With pLog Tablet, LSpecs and ESdat you can:

  • Create detailed work orders for personnel to utilize in the field
  • Collect field samples for laboratory testing
  • Collect field chemistry measurements
  • Electronic chain of custody form generation
  • Data verification
  • Report generation
  • and more

Send work orders to pLog Tablet from LSpecs

If you use ESdat and LSpecs with pLog Tablet, you can create an entire work order for field personnel for soil, water and gas sampling.

Collect field samples for laboratory testing

Collect soil, water or gas laboratory samples

Once work order data is sent from LSpecs to pLog Tablet, personnel are guided through collection of laboratory samples for soil boreholes, water wells; gas wells; surface water features such as ponds, rivers and lakes; and QA samples.

Each sample is given a unique identifier automatically by the software. No more duplicate sample IDs for a single project!

You specify the container (type, volume and number of) for each sample. There is even a reference list of sample standards you can set up and make available to personnel in case they can not recall container details for a sample type.

Specify laboratory tests for each sample

For all sample types (water, soil and gas and QA samples) you can specify which laboratory tests are to be performed on individual samples.

Laboratory test lists on the PDA can be sorted by assigned tests for water and gas (if work orders were developed using LSPECs), previously assigned samples for the project or all available laboratory samples. This helps make the laboratory list options manageable.

Sample Delivery Groups

With LSpecs you can define one or more sample delivery groups for a project. Each sample you collect you assign to a sample delivery group. This is particularly important when you have multiple sample groups going to multiple laboratories.

pLog Tablet includes capabilities to collect QA/QC samples (Rinse, Trip Blank, Matrix Spikes, etc) for each sample delivery group so you maintain project quality standards across the project.

Collect field chemistry measurements

With pLog Tablet you can record up to 10 unique field chemistry measurements for a project (such as pH, temperature, redox, conductivity, et cetera). You can record as many sample test results as necessary until a stabilized reading is achieved.

When you use LSpecs to create a work order for pLog Tablet you can enter maximum and minimum values appropriate for the project for each and field chemistry measurement type. Field personnel are notified if a value entered exceeds the maximum and minimum values appropriate for the project and has the option to save or revise the data.

Electronic chain of custody forms

pLog Tablet collects all the field data necessary to generate your electronic Chain of Custody (eCOC™) form by synchronizing your tablet to LSpecs.

ESdat and LSpecs

For more information on data verification and report generation, as well as examples of reports,click here.