PQC for Concrete Testing

PQC Field Density Testing Module streamlines your concrete testing from laboratory to field to break scheduling to final reporting.

Configure project information and mix specifications for each project

Once you have input the project information, you can add mix designs and specifications for the project. The mix designs and specification parameters are unique to each project. You view mix design and specification requirements for one project at a time so you do not confuse mix designs and specifications from different jobs.

Record Unit Weight, Air Content, Temperature, Slump, and other concrete placement details with PQC Concrete Testing Module

You simply record the unit weight, temperature, air content and slump for all sets you cast, per ASTM C31 (Making and Curing Specimens), ASTM C 138 (Density, Yield and Air Content), ASTM C143 (Slump), ASTM C172 (Sampling), ASTM C172 (Air Content by the Volumetric Method), ASTM C231 (Air Content by the Pressure Method) and Temperature (ASTM C1064). If you evaluate the air content using the Volumetric Method, you simply input the appropriate field measurements and the PQC Field Concrete Testing module calculates the air content for you per ASTM C231.

If you opt to use the field data collection PDA application you HotSync the PDA to a PC with internet access to upload the data to the on-line database. Your field concrete data is transferred to the on-line database in seconds.

Or, if you prefer you can input the data quickly and easily in the web application (requires a PC with internet access). All field tests and material information are available for use immediately after entry into the web application.

Once it is in the PQC database, you can filter data, review progress and create a myriad of reports quickly and easily.

PQC Concrete Test Data management also includes laboratory specimen tracking – receive field specimens and track break dates for all your concrete testing projects

Automate break scheduling for compressive strength testing with PQC Concrete Testing Module for all your concrete QA/QC jobs

As technicians bring concrete cylinders into the laboratory, you can log cylinders in the PQC web application. Once a specimen is added into the system, PQC Concrete Testing Module tracks the break date for you. You can view all specimens scheduled for compressive strength testing, all specimens which have been broken or specimens to break that day. With the PQC Concrete Testing module you can view your work load for the day by viewing specimens to break that day and gauge your future workload by viewing specimens yet to be tested.

As you test the compressive strength of your specimens, you input the test results in the PQC Web Application.

PQC Specification

Automate report generation for your concrete field and compression strength reports with PQC

Without any additional data entry you are ready to generate and print your concrete QA/QC report. Instead of taking 10-15 minutes per set of concrete specimens, it only takes you a few seconds to get concrete QA/QC report prepared, and you do not have to worry about transcription related errors. The digital data management not only makes data input easier, but also makes reviewing reports faster because the software performs the calculations for you automatically, thus minimizing the potential for errors.

PQC – better data faster

The PQC Concrete Testing module simplifies your data management for big jobs or small jobs

As a field technician you can be working on one job for months making several concrete test specimens daily, or have to visit several sites in one day with one or two sets per site. PQC Concrete Testing helps you organize and track your concrete field test results and laboratory specimens.

The PQC Concrete Testing module increases your efficiency before, during and after a project in the field and in the office. It is the ultimate tool in data management for your concrete QA/QC projects. It ensures your data is consistent, complete and accurate. There is minimal potential for calculation or typographical errors. Turnaround time for concrete field and laboratory compression reports is decreased. No longer does the field and laboratory compression report have to wait in queues to be typed and then checked by someone else. You can have a draft field and laboratory compression report for all available project test results, regardless of the project stage, within minutes.

View an example Field and Laboratory Concrete QA/QC Report (PDF)