PQC – Construction QA/QC Data Management

When it comes to construction QA/QC projects, shuffling paper and entering data multiple times for review, analysis, report generation, confirmation of work, as well as status and report notification stretches the resources of most any organization.

This is true whether you are on a long-term, large construction QA/QC project with multiple companies or a single organization which has technicians working on several different construction QA/QC projects at any given time.

Dataforensics’ PQC system for construction QA/QC remedies the headaches from endless paper shuffling and data entry; streamlines data review processes; alerts users to critical situations; and enables simple, fast and secure data sharing.

PQC is the construction QA/QC project management and collaboration software with organizational strategic benefits such as:

  • Personnel and resource management
  • Workflow monitoring
  • Testing approvals
  • Advanced data filtering
  • Flexible reporting with integrated reports
  • Advanced notification capabilites
  • Optional report customization
  • Single database for all QA/QC data
  • Scheduling 
  • Client Portal
  • Transmittals
  • Noncompliances
  • Photos

PQC can manage your field density testing dataconcrete testing data, inspection documents, and field reports

PQC Project Information

PQC is a complete data management system: from project inception to completion it helps you collect manage, process, review and report your data. PQC is a web based system for complete project & data management and field data collection.

Data management, Scheduling & Work Orders for your construction quality control and/or quality assurance projects from a central location

All data is stored in a central database with permissions based access. Personnel can see information and perform tasks so they can get their job done quickly and easily. Data entry errors are minimized via the use of customizable drop down lists such as client, project engineer, technician, coordinate system and datum description. Entering the data in PQC provides complete and consistent data – a key to efficient and sound data management.

Scheduling/Work Orders

PQC facilitates communicating where and when your field personnel need to be.  Automatic email of project assignments are sent to your field personnel who can accept or reject the work assignment ensuring you know whether they can perform the work or they are delayed on another project. Color coded dashboards ensure you know who has or hasn’t accepted their project assignment.

Client Portal

PQC allows you to provide access to your PQC portal so your clients and contractors have access to real-time testing data for their specific project(s).  This facilitates communication between all parties involved in the project.


PQC can combine all of your different types of reports and email the combined document to the relevant contacts for the project, facilitating communication of all relevant reports to all necessary parties.  This batch printing can combine not only reports generated by PQC, but also Word Documents, Excel files and PDF files into a single deliverable saving you significant amounts of time and effort.


PQC enables you to record and track conditions that are not within the specification as well as when and how they are corrected providing a simple dashboard to identify if any corrections are outstanding.


PQC enables you to easily and automatically document site conditions via photos for inclusion on reports.  You no longer have to worry about uploading and organizing photos in your reports.


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PQC Project Information