PQC for Field Density Testing

PQC Field Density Testing Module streamlines your field density testing from laboratory to field to final reporting.

Configure Proctor/Marshall test data and project specifications for each project

Once you have input the project information, you can input compaction specifications for the project, as well as material properties such as maximum density and optimum moisture content from Proctor or Marshall tests. The field density compaction specifications and material properties are unique to the project.


PQC Field Density Testing Module helps your data management for big jobs or small jobs

As a field technician you can be working on one job for months taking many field density tests daily, or have to visit several sites in one day with a few field density tests per site. PQC Field Density Testing Module helps you organize and track and report your field density test results.

Field density testing with nuclear gauge, sand cone, balloon or drive cylinder methods

PQC Field Density Testing Module supports the field data testing with nuclear gauge (ASTM D2922-04), Sand Cone (ASTM D1556-00), Balloon (ASTM D2167-94) and Drive Cylinder (ASTM D2937-04) field density test methods. You simply input your field data into PQC (via the PDA application or through the web application) and PQC calculates whether the test passes or fails. You no longer have to calculate results eliminating the possibility of calculation errors. Your field density data and results are stored for you in PQC. If a field density test fails, you can re-test locations until they pass, or perform field density tests in other areas and return later for a re-test. Retesting is tracked within PQC so you know when an area has passed and areas to retest.

Data management includes electronic field data collection – record field density testing data electronically with the PQC web interface

PQC helps your data management for big jobs or small jobs

If you opt to use PQC in the field for data collection, instead of having to input the field density test results manually on a PC, your data is entered directly into the system in the field. Your field density data is immediately available in the database. Any new material tests or specifications are also available instantly.

In the PQC database, you can filter data, review progress and create a myriad of reports quickly and easily. Without any additional work you are ready to produce and print your field density report.

PQC for Field Density Testing – better data faster

The PQC Field Density Testing module increases your efficiency before, during and after a project in the field and in the office. It is the ultimate in data management for your density testing projects. Your data is consistent and accurate. The potential for data entry errors is minimized. Data management and evaluation is made simple. Turnaround time for field density reports is decreased. No longer do field density reports have to wait in queues to be typed and then checked by someone else. No longer are testing locations stored in a separate database for project progress to be tracked. You can have a draft field density report within minutes.

View an example Field Density Report (PDF)